Corporate, Hen & Stag Days

Organise something different!

Ever wanted to get your hands on a shotgun, line up the cold, machined double-barrel and feel the immense satisfaction of blowing a clay target to smitherines?

Whether you are looking for your next corporate day activity or putting together an exciting plan for a stag or hen, clay shooting is the perfect answer. It's a very sociable sport and provides a platform for groups to enjoy trials and tribulations together, exchange banter and generally have a great time. If your group may not know each other that well or at all, it is superb at bringing everyone together and soon they will all be chatting about their sharp-eyed skills, the ones that got away and critiquing their fellow shooters.

You don't need to be very active and people of all ages and abilities can have a go.

Everything you need (including safety equipment) will be provided and your group will be looked after by an expert with many years of experience.


You can book for any day or time.

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